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A Message from the President

In 1918, the company was founded as Nippon Camphor Co., Ltd. for the purpose of unifying the camphor business throughout the country. Later on the company started manufacturing products related to oils and fats including fatty acids, and expanded its business by carving out an original market in the chemical field.

In 1971, the company changed its name to Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., and made a new start as a comprehensive fine chemical manufacturer. The company's operations at present consist of three fields: cosmetics, industrial chemicals and fine chemicals including medicines.
While business globalization advances and competition among enterprises intensifies around the world, this company has progressed selection and concentration of its business fields along with globalization of its operations, tring to achieve international competitiveness in cost each and every day.
The main feature of this company is found in the use of earth-friendly natural materials such as camphor, fatty acids,carbohydrates and phosphatides, as magor materials for its key products. By utilizing our original technology, we have stably supplied high-quality products, and are proud of receiving high evaluations not only within Japan but also from overseas.

Recently, how society measures the value of enterprises has been changing. Even still, we wish to continue contributing to prosperity in society and happy lives for the general public and everyone connected with Nippon Fine Chemical through chemical products based on our managerial philosophy: not pursuing profits alone. In the future as well, we are going to positively carry out Nippon Fine Chemical Responsible Care Activities(NRC) such as environmental, security and healthcare issues as well as activities concerning product quality in harmony with the global environment. Meanwhile, we will strive to increase our profits among all group corporations and affiliated compaines as a unit, and to improve our corporate values and shareholder values based on reinforced corporate governance.

We look forward to your further understanding and support.

Management Philosophy
Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to society through all of its businesses
Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to all people associated with it.
Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to the self-actualization of its employees.


Susumu Yano
Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.