TopEnvironmental Conservation/Environmental Management Policy 一つ上へ

Nippon Fine Chemical is a leading manufacturer of lanolins, cholesterols, fatty acids and phospholipids, mainly from natural materials. The company is committed to the manufacture of raw materials for chemical and cosmetic products as well as intermediates and active ingredients for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals.

To minimize the environmental impacts which might result from the manufacturing of these products, we have established a company wide Environmental Management Policy which guides our commitment to environmental management systems and improvement efforts.


Environmental Management Policy

In order to be an environmentally conscious company, Nippon Fine Chemical has established a company wide Environmental Management Policy that addresses the limitation of environmental impacts, the conservation of resources, and the promotion of communication with customers and local communities in order to improve the environment and contribute to society.
  1. We will properly understand and practice environment-related laws and regulations, which concern us, and conduct production activity that does not have severe influence on the environment within and outside a company.
  2. Concerning environmental burden chemicals, we prohibit / limit / reduce the use of them in our production process, and provide environmentally-friendly products.
  3. We will state concrete objectives, purposes, and terms, and systematically conduct energy conservation activity, resource saving activity, and reducing industrial waste generation activity.
  4. We will suppress generation and reduce diffusion of offensive odor (discharged water odor, raw material odor, and unpleasant odor due to production activity) and will not suffer neighborhood inhabitant.