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Product Information

 -keto Ester Derivatives

Nippon Fine Chemical produces various photographic chemicals and pharmaceutical drug intermediates by using the -keto esters it has developed.

Methyl 4-aminocrotonate
CAS NO. 14205-39-1
Ethyl 4-aminocrotonate
CAS NO. 7318-00-5
Isopropyl 4-aminocrotonate
CAS NO. 14205-46-0
CAS NO. 61652-71-9
2-Methoxyethyl 4-aminocrotonate
CAS NO. 50899-10-0
CAS NO. 124401-38-3
CAS NO. 125971-57-5
Methyl 2-(o-nitrobenzylidene)-acetoacetate
CAS NO. 39562-27-1
Methyl 2-(m-nitrobenzylidene)-acetoacetate
CAS NO. 39562-17-9
Isopropyl 2-(m-nitrobenzylidene)-acetoacetate
CAS NO. 39562-25-9
Uracil derivatives
Thiouracil derivatives
1,4-Dihydropyridine derivatives