For the future of the chemical industry and society
As a manufacturer of various fine chemical products, Nippon Fine Chemical will fulfill its commitment to society and play a leading role in meeting the requirements of the 21st century by accumulating technological skill and enhancing research and development capabilities.
With these goals in mind, NFC is endeavoring to make a better future.
With synthesys and evaluation technologies nurtured over many years, this division supplies raw materials and intermediate chemicals, including acid chlorides, -keto esters, and anhydrous acid anhydrides to a wide variety of industries such as for pharmaceutical, and agricultural chemicalsmanufacturing.

This division offers a wide range of raw materials for cosmetic products, such as fatty acid esters, phospholipids, lanolin, cholesterol and surfactants.
Its unique tableting technology helps it offer an increasing number of new products in tablet form.

Our industrial materials have attained key positions in various industries.
NEUTRON, a fatty acid amide used as a lubricating agent for resin film and an additive for inks, is one of our most important products.