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Nippon Fine Chemical's Industrial Chemicals Division produces several major products, including NEUTRON, a fatty acid amide used as a resin film lubricant and printing ink additive and NSC, a special functional coating which gives plastic and metal surfaces greater scratch resistance. This division makes many other compounds and intermediates indispensable in modern industry including lanolins (obtained by the purification of sheep wool grease), lanolin derivatives, lubricants (oils for metal processing) and leather chemicals (fatliquoring agents).
Product Information
Fatty Acid Amides / Fatty Acid Derivatives
Lanolin Fatty Acids and Lanolin Derivatives
Lanolin-Based Rust-Preventing & Lubricating Additives
Leather Chemicals
Functional Coatings
Eco-friendly Lanolin derivatives Ecolano
Evaluation of Lubricity with Polyolefins
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